Bloodywood’s Rakshak Shows Metal Is Universal

Limited Edition CD

Review by: Chris Hammond

Bloodywood – Rakshak (2022)
Label: Bloodywood Media Private Limited
Style: Heavy Metal, Rap Metal, Folk Metal

1.Gaddaar 04:44
2.Aaj 05:00
3.Zanjeero Se 04:11
4.Machi Bhasad (Album Version) 04:00
5.Dana Dan 04:54
6.Jee Veerey (Album Version) 04:38
7.Endurant (Album Version) 04:46
8.BSDK.exe 04:55
9.Yaad (Album Version) 05:40
10.Chakh Le 04:25

Bloodywood hail from New Delhi, India. The band includes members Jayant Bhadula – Vocals, Raoul Kerr – Rap Vocals and Karan Katiyar – Guitars, Flutes, Composition, Arrangement, Production and Touring members Sarthak Pahwa – dhol, Roshan Roy – bass and Vishesh Singh – drums.

This high-energy act got their start doing covers of songs but switching up the arrangements to give those covers a more metal sound. The songs that grace the new album Rakshak and powerful, metal with energy and just plan rock.

Bloodywood’s charm is that they incorporate traditional Indian folk instruments with rap, rock, metal and a melting pot of other sounds. They take all of this melt it down into a boiling liquid and scream out the music flames like no other band around. This group is truly one of a kind.
These songs might all sound upbeat with rage trimmings, but the lyrical content deals with real-life issues that we can all relate to (depression, love, loss, mental illness). The lyrics go back and forth from English to Indian seamlessly. This adds so much more depth to a band that started on Youtube.

The sound has inklings of bands like early Linkin Park, Korn, Skindred and even Slipknot but honestly, their sound is their own and what a sound that is. Not everything is full tilt crunching metal though. The song “Zanjeero Se” really slows things down a bit, but also showcases a more subdued sound and this one will stick in listeners’ heads for weeks. “Machi Bhasad” is a revolution song with big ole brass balls. Here’s just a taste of the lyrics
“It’s a fight that goes beyond bad or good,
It’s a fight between can and should,
So bounce to the sound make a revolution,
This is an act of war, this is the evolution”

Any band that can mix so many emotions/musical styles and evoke each and every feeling the songs embody on a Global level, well they deserve the recognition of their talents. Do not look past this album just because it might not be your taste, give it a try and I guarantee you’ll eat up the whole thing.

Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars

Bloodywood Website
Bloodywood Youtube

Album is out February 18, 2022

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