Split Dog Boo Buddy Pillow From Little Shop of Gore/Returnofthelivingdead.com

One of the more memorable undead creatures in the film Return of the Living Dead is the “Split Dog” which can be found in the Uneeda Medical Supply Factory.

Returnofthelivingdead.com in collaboration with Little Shop of Gore, present to you from the Uneeda Medical Supply factory, your very own Split Dog! Your new best friend comes in the form of a Boo Buddy Pillow. 
This is an exclusive limited-run item with only 250 produced.

The product measures 20inch (from snout to hind leg) x 16 (tip of the ear to the bottom of the paw). Split dog has bright and detailed two-sided graphics. The pillow has heavy stitching and very durable material. This dog won’t cost you a fortune in dog food or vet bills, but the downside is it may bite you and turn you into the undead.
Get one of your very own today for $30 USD/Shipping

Purchase at Little house of Gore’s Website or buy it from https://returnofthelivingdead.com/ by itself or bundle it in a horror box.

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