Mutant Blast – Detonation (EP) 2021

Digital download Reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Mutant Blast – Detonation EP (2021)
Label: WormHoleDeath
Style: Heavy Metal/Thrash

1.Enter the Wasteland01:08 
2.Break the Wheel03:37 
3.Blades of Steel03:17 
4.Grave Insanity05:03 
5.March of the Dead04:31 
6.Death Ray05:19 

Mutant Blast is:
Tomi Malinen – vocals & guitar
Toni Huhtiniemi – guitar & b.vocals
Juha Lähde – bass
E-S Kuikka – drums

Mutant Blast hail from Southern Finland. The band’s style is thrash/heavy with elements of rock’n’roll. The band music aims to be distinct with a sprinkling of segments from the classic metal genre. The band is fairly new and was assembled in August 2020, but members of the band have long been entrenched in the Finnish metal scene, having been part of such bands as Chaos Creation and Witheria.

The Detonation EP from Mutant Blast starts off with a fairly straightforward instrumental track which then goes right into Break the wheel. This song is a powerful thrash-heavy piece, which honestly feels like a late nineties Metal song. Break the wheel is fast, thrashy fun, which also sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Pounding drums accompanied by heavy, crunching guitar riffs start the song Blades of Steel. Malinen’s gravelly vocals echo over top of just thrashy chords and tempos. The band is finding their own personality and having a fun time doing it.

Grave Insanity, the fourth track on the EP switches things up a bit. The Song is less thrash and heads into groove metal territory. This is good as it shows that the band has different levels and is willing to explore them. March of the Dead brings listeners right back into the thrash and boy, this is a fun one that feels like early Spreading the Disease era Anthrax. The final song on the EP is Death Ray. Musically, it is a fun one, but there’s nothing special in the lyrics department on this one.

Mutant Blast on Detonation is having fun and showing off some of their musicianship. They also are showing some examples of fandom of Thrash bands that paved the way for them. I do hope they decide to delve into different styles as a full-length album is being created. The band is young and for their first EP of offerings, this is pretty solid stuff.

Rating 4.3 Mutants out of 5

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