Canadian Thrashers HYPERIA Showcase New Video “Automatic Thrash Machine”From Upcoming Album “The Serpent’s Cycle” Out November 17th, 2023

L-R – Ryan Idris – Drums, Colin Ryley – Guitars, Marlee Ryley – Vocals, , Jon Power – Bass
Photo Credit – Caitlin Delaplace

Canadian thrashers Hyperia have been shredding across stages since their conception in 2018 and have released three albums to an enthusiastic worldwide response . Their latest work “The Serpent’s Cycle” is chalk full of the aggressive riffs, melodic vocals, and a all-around party nature that the band has come to be known for. The next single “Automatic Thrash Machine” embodies that energetic emotions that draws listeners in with its thrash technicality.

The band describes the single:

A tongue-in-cheek nod to our favourite party thrash songs, this track is our homage to partying and having a good time with your friends. It’s accompanied by a full-out kegger of a music video that shows the fun side of Hyperia. It’s one of the more straightforward thrash songs on the album but still has lots of intricate parts from all members.”

Hyperia wants fans to have their faces blown off by the aggression, speed, and intricacies of “The Serpent’s Cycle”. The ten-track album (plus a cover of Heart’s ‘Crazy On You’) will be appreciated by musicians and non-musicians alike. The songs vary enough to keep the pacing fresh throughout and there’s something for everyone on it. “The Serpent’s Cycle” is recommended for fans of Havok, Lost Society, and Children Of Bodom.

“The Serpent’s Cycle” is due out on November 17, 2023, and is available for pre-order at the band’s Bandcamp

Track Listing:
1. Ego Trip (4:41)
2. Automatic Thrash Machine (4:02)
3. Prophet of Deceit (4:16)
4. Psychosomatic (4:29)
5. The Serpent’s Cycle (5:04)
6. Trapped in Time (3:58)
7. Spirit Bandit (4:04)
8. Eye for an Eye ( 4:47)
9. Binge & Surge (3:44)
10. Deathbringer (5:31)
11. Crazy On You [Heart Cover] (5:03)
Album Length: 49:41


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