In Theaters September 14 Dread Presents: SATANIC HISPANICS

Latinos are some of the biggest fans of horror. Yet few (if any) of the horror movies we grew up with feature Latino characters, plots, or any elements in their DNA. SATANIC HISPANICS was born out of the idea to change that.

Latinos are not a monolithic block. We come from various countries, and our cultures are diverse. But the things we have in common outweigh our differences.

Latin America is full of horrifying lore. From creatures like the Chupacabra to giant snakes, our monsters are the representations of the horrors we’ve endured.

But it’s not just fictional monsters that haunt us. Our everyday lives are filled with real-life horrors that put those legends to shame.

We envisioned a movie showcasing our diversity, both behind and in front of the camera — directed by Latinos, starring Latinos. We wanted to have first-generation Americans, and immigrants, some of whom still lived in Latin America. Our goal was to highlight our legends and stories, to blend horror with social commentary, and to confront our demons or laugh at our problems.

More importantly, to take back the reigns of our own narrative and reclaim the space in horror that has largely been denied to us.

In times when our industry is finally opening to diversity, it’s crucial for us to be present both behind and in front of the camera.

In theaters on September 14th

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month,

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