THE WRATH OF BECKY Star Lulu Wilson Sits Down With Us To Share Some News On The Film Releasing Exclusively In Theaters May 26

Lulu Wilson revitalized the revenge film genre in 2020 with her portrayal of teenager Becky in the hit film BECKY. That film follows Becky’s (Wilson) weekend at a lake house with her father (played by Joel McHale). Things take a turn for the worse when a group of convicts led by Dominick( Kevin James) arrive at the same lake house. This group happens to be Neo-Nazis also. Dominick and his crew wreak havoc on the lives of Becky and her father and no one is safe. The film is directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, from a screenplay by Nick Morris, Lane Skye, and Ruckus Skye.

Well, Lulu returns to the character Becky, again ready to deal out punishment to evildoers in the new film THE WRATH OF BECKY. This time around Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote take on the writing and directing roles. Becky, now 16, and her dog Diego live with an elderly woman named Elena (Denise Burse) to rebuild their lives. But when a fascist organization known as the “Noble Men” break into their home, attack both Becky and Elena and kidnap Diego, Becky must take on the Noble Men by returning to her old ways to protect herself and her loved ones, rescue Diego and uncover the Noble Men’s political attack plans before it’s too late. Seann William Scott also stars as quasi leader of the Noble Men group.

Lulu Wilson sat down to answer a few questions about the new film and where and when we might see Becky pop up again.

It has been a couple years since you last played the character Becky, What do you think are some of the changes in Becky in the new film THE WRATH OF BECKY ?

“Yeah, its been a couple years since we’ve seen Becky, so obviously a lot has happened to her and I think she’s no longer this umm, I think a lot of the teen angst has kinda dropped. She is in a more real place and she’s kind of felt the effects of what has happened and she’s really felt the loss and the grief she’s had to grow through. She’s also been preparing, you know, she’s not going be pushed around again if all hell breaks loose. You know it does, of course or there wouldn’t be a second movie.

I think she’s got a lot more more of an arc and she’s got a lot more dimensions because of all that she’s gone through. She’s got a new caretaker now and you can see now how she is actually a caring person and she’s not just a teenage murder machine”.

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Asked if Lulu had brought any of her own experiences over the last few years to the Becky character

“Yeah, I mean I feel I brought the pent up rage and pent up just, emotion. I was definitely able to expend a lot of that in the filming with all of my battle cries and all that. I definitely got to take a lot of my teenage rage and put it into this role”

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Becky is much more tactical this time around, she’s the hunter, not the hunted, We ask what Wilson enjoyed about this role reversal

“I loved that she was just taking the bull by the horns, she wasn’t running away, she was running toward. She has an actual arsenal of weapons, it’s no longer coloured pencils and sharpened rulers, it’s gernades and she ready to use it”.

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Another spect that differs from the first film is Wilson as Becky has way more dialogue in the new film. We asked if Lulu enjoyed this new evolution of the character Becky

“Of course, yes, I think Becky needed more of a voice and I think she needed to say more things than Hey shi*stain. I was really appreciated of Matt and Sue’s writing me a meatier character to sink my teeth into”

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If offered a third go round as Becky, we ask what progression in the character would you like to see (besides fencing as we know that Lulu Is an avid fencer)

“I would love to see fencing, I’ve already like pitched it to the directors, I pitched it for the first film I said “we’re going do fence scene, it’s something I can already do let me do it”. I don’t know, I think the ending of Wrath is so open that she could go in any which way and I’d like to see what the creative minds of thethird one would come up with. I’d like to see her grow up into this firece ass young woman and seeing the damage she does and how calculated she can be. She’s very witty and she’s very smart and I’d love to see more of her creative genius in the third one”.

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Becky was a very dark film with sprinkles of humor, The Wrath of Becky has a nice progression of dark humour, Lulu gives some insight on this evolution of the story and character

“It was important I think for everyone involved for the second film to have some comedy. Because I feel a movie like Becky needs to have that because if it takes itself too seriously it could be a little ridiculous, but it’s not because it knows what it is, it’s campy, it’s a comicbook”

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We at want to thank Lulu Wilson for taking the time to chat with us and wish her a explosive opening film for THE WRATH OF BECKY.

Movie goers will have a chance to see Badass Becky light up the screen with her vengeance starting May 26, 2023 when Quiver Distribution release the action/thriller/horror film THE WRATH OF BECKY exclusively in theaters on May 26, 2023. 

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