BLOOD RELATIVES Is Beyond A Typical Vampire Film. Its Charms Lay In The Characters And Themes Of Family

Starring: Noah Segan, Victoria Moroles

Written and Directed By: Noah Segan

Francis, a 115-year-old Yiddish vampire, still looks 35. He’s been roaming American backroads in his beat-up muscle car for decades, keeping to himself, and liking it that way. One day, a teenage kid, Jane, shows up. She says she’s his daughter, and she’s got the fangs to prove it. They go on the road, deciding whether to sink their teeth into family life.
Release through: SHUDDER

By: Chris Hammond

BLOOD RELATIVES isn’t a typical vampire film. It is an exploration of becoming a parent and how things change. Noah Segan has weaved much of himself into Francis. He wrote, directed and starred in the film. His experiences with parenthood get explored through the life of this Yiddish vampire. Francis wears leather jackets and loves muscle cars as does Segan. The bachelor’s life changes in an instant when he meets Jane (Victoria Moroles), his 15-year-old daughter. Jane shows up one night on his hotel doorstep. Her mother recently passed away and she has been looking for Francis. Not only to let him know he has a daughter but also to ask him some biting questions.

Francis (who was born before World War II) at first doesn’t embrace the idea of parenthood. Besides complicating his routine life, he fears caring for someone again. The story progresses with Francis giving a “Coles Notes” guide to being a vampire to Jane.

Segan manages to make a vampire road trip movie funny and heartfelt with spatters of minimal blood and carnage. The relationship between father and daughter has bumps in the road. Throughout the second act, you can feel a big shift in Francis. He now has a meaning to his empty life of staying invisible. Jane also changes and embraces her quirky father. Both Segan and Moroles do a superb job of acting and everything feels so natural between them on screen.

Besides all this, the film is very funny in the same vein as What we do in the shadows. Those looking for a bloodfest, well this isn’t the film for you. There are some scenes of violence, but it’s done in a humorous way. Comedian Doug Benson shows up for one of the funniest interactions in the film.

It is always a good sign when a film engages you to the point when the credits role you want more. This is the case with BLOOD RELATIVES. The film is a story of love and Segan himself wrote the film when he was going through parenthood for the first time.

The most touching part of the movie comes when the credits roll and Segan’s dedication of the film to his young children may choke you up. Do yourselves a favour and hit the road with Francis and Jane on November 22, 2022, on SHUDDER.

Release Date:
Streaming on Shudder November 22, 2022

Run Time: 88 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Stay Tuned for my interview with Noah Segan coming soon!

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