Comic Crypt: DC COMICS OUT APRIL 19 – The Nice House on the Lake #8 / Refrigerator Full of Heads #6 /

The Nice House on the Lake (2021-) #8

by James Tynion (Author), Alvaro Martinez Bueno (Cover Art, Penciller, Inker), Jordie Bellaire (Colorist)

With Walter living among his friends in the house, has the impossible happened? Have their lives actually…improved? Perhaps for some-but how are things going for the one housemate whose place Walter took?


Refrigerator Full of Heads #6

by Rio Youers (Author), Sam Wolfe Connelly (Cover Art), Marcio Takara (Cover Art), Mateus Manhanini (Cover Art), Tom Fowler (Penciller, Inker), Bill Crabtree (Colorist)

It all ends here, as Arlene declares war on Erika’s biker gang-heads won’t just roll, they’ll jump, fly, talk, shout…sing?…as the full power of the Axe of Yggdrasil is unleashed across bloody Brody Island-as well as the full bite pressure of a certain great white shark head…


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