Recent Bigfoot Sighting in Ohio with Video Draws Believers and Skeptics Both!

On January 12th, 2020, two men film a possible Bigfoot in the Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.

On the date in question, two men who have remained nameless allegedly were out for a walk in the Salt Fork State Park in Ohio, a walk they claim to have made several times before. Apparently, the say they heard chilling sounds and howls emanating from the forest off in the distance. After hearing the noises the two men claim to have witnessed something that looked like a Bigfoot to them in the woods.

The men have said they also came across an apparent killing spot where they found several sets of bones and hair possibly from deer that had been “ripped apart pretty good”.

The men filmed footage of the alleged Bigfoot which you can check out below and decide for yourself.

Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park has been a haven for Bigfoot sightings for years now. In Ohio, the creature is known as the Ohio Grassman. Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot even shot an episode in the area. Also, in 2012, USA Today named the Salt Fork State Park as one of the top ten Squatchiest places in the country.

In my opinion, the men’s story seems all too convenient for me. The two who were out taking a walk just happen to catch extended footage of a creature who is known for being the most elusive species on the planet. I just don’t buy it. I want to believe, I truly do, more than anything. But it seems to easy to me.

Check out the pics and watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Source: Mysterious UniverseAkron Beacon Journal

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