Thrash Legends DESTRUCTION Announce North America Under Attack 2017!

German thrash metal Gods DESTRUCTION have announced a North American Under Attack 2017 tour for this Spring. Joining the tour in support are thrashers Warbringer and death metallers Jungle Rot. This will be a thrash extravaganza and a show not to be missed so find out how you can get your tickets down below.

From The Press Release

Legendary German thrashers DESTRUCTION have announced the “North American Under Attack” tour. The trek will begin in Oakland, CA on May 22nd and hit 19 cities including Chicago, New York, and Atlanta before concluding in Los Angles at The Regent Theater on June 11th. Direct support will come from both Los Angeles thrash metallers WARBRINGER and Wisconsin death Metallers JUNGLE ROT.

Mastermind Schmier states:
“The Under Attack tour will finally come to North America. Sorry for the little delay, but it has been a busy and successful run so far in other countries and we are looking forward to bringing it to North America. With WARBRINGER and JUNGLE ROT, we are bringing two crushing bands that are friends and fit very well on this old-school billing.

America was never easy to tour for foreign thrash bands, and that’s why it’s always special for us. You just never know when it’s going to be the last time as it is not going to get easier in the future.
So come out to thrash and party with us and of course the set list will feature a lot of 80’s classics as we as we are working on THRASH ANTHEMS II at the moment. See you in the pit! ”

DESTRUCTION is touring in support of the latest release, Under Attack. Watch the music video for the title track, “Under Attack” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel!

Joining the bands as openers are HELLBENDER and DEMONS WITHIN who will split the tour.

Confirmed dates for the “North American Under Attack 2017” tour is as follows:
5/22/17  Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA*
5/23/17  Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR*
5/24/17  Studio Seven – Seattle, WA*
5/26/17  Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO*
5/27/17  Aftershock – Kansas City, MO*
5/28/17  Reggie’s – Chicago, IL**
5/29/17  Harpo’s – Detroit, MI**
5/30/17  Mod Club – Toronto, ON**
5/31/17  L’Astral – Montreal, QC**
6/01/17  Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY**
6/02/17  Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY**
6/03/17  Emerson theater – Indianapolis, IN**
6/04/17  The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA**
6/05/17  Haven Lounge – Orlando, FL **
6/07/17  Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX*
6/08/17  Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX*
6/09/17  Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM*
6/10/17  Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ*
6/11/17  Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA*

Under Attack was released in May 2016 and hit the charts worldwide as follows:

#17 US Heatseekers
#27 US Hard Music
#39 UK Rock Top 40
#68 Germany
#85 Belgium (Wallonia)
#90 Switzerland
#96 Canada (Hard Music)
#126 Japan
#145 Belgium (Flanders)

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It has been four years since the legendary Destruction released their last album Spiritual Genocide and 2016 sees Schmier, Mike and Vaaver returning to the scene with a bang! Under Attack will be released on May 13 2016, 34 years after establishing the band. Don’t be fooled by their longevity though as the songwriting is light-years away from the eighties and is much more mature and focused.Founded in 1982 the trio reached the top of the national thrash metal movement, with albums such as »Infernal Overkill« and »Eternal Devastation« nestling in their impressive heavy metal canon. Even later works like All Hell Breaks Loose or The Antichrist are glorious moments in thrash, highlighting why DESTRUCTION are part of the “Big Teutonic 4”…and still touring the world with great success.

For Under Attack the band changed their proven modus operandi. Instead of booking a studio for a couple of weeks, Schmier and his mates decided to record at various locations (Gernhart Studios in Germany, VO Pulver’s Little Creek Studios in Switzerland among others) between September 2015 and January 2016 whenever possible. “We really took our time for this album”, Schmier stated. “Maybe this was the most effective writing we did in the last years! Due to the fact we had more time in between the albums, there was a lot of musical output and creativity, but also less pressure. You can definitely hear the kick-ass attitude we brought from the shows into the studio. The ‘on tour into the studio on tour mode’ was so effective that I wanna keep this method for the future.”

Schmier added: “How does the new record sound? For sure not like a band that is in its 33rd years of existence.”

If you listen to songs like the anthemic title track, the fast and catchy “Generation Nevermore”, the wrecking ball “Pathogenic” or the complex “Conductor Of The Void” you will agree for sure. Schmier’s voice cuts through glass, Mike plays some of his best riffs and licks ever and Vaaver batters everything down. The impressing cover artwork was once again created by the Hungarian artist Gyula and perfectly illustrates the themes of Under Attack. In the words of frontman Schmier: “It’s fast, it’s catchy and it’s original.”

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has continued to evolve throughout its  4 albums into the most lethal band in thrash, and delivers a monumental  5th record in Woe to the Vanquished. Taking the more progressive and ambitious leanings of Empires Collapse and tempering them with pure, unrelenting violence. The result is a unique hybrid strain of thrash and extreme metal that ranges from all-out speed assaults such as “Woe to the Vanquished” and “Shellfire” to the biggest song the band has ever done, the 11-minute “When the Guns Fell Silent.” WARBRINGER makes a triumphant step forward on this record, it’s an absolute must for anyone into metal today.
Shots’ firing overhead, out of breath, thankful to be alive, an exhausted, courageous soldier takes cover in a nearby trench. Overcome with tragedy, the cadet looks down to carefully remove his worn down combat boots to discover his feet numb and blue, knocking him back with an overwhelming smell of decay and gangrene. This phenomenon is known as “jungle rot”. With a little imagination, visualize this horrifyingly grotesque predicament as it would be in heavy metal form – teeming with despair, brutality, darkness and volatility. The sinister picture you have just painted comes to life in four-piece death metal act JUNGLE ROT, who has been triumphantly destroying the metal scene since 1994.

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