Technical Death Metal Band SUBLATION Readies Their Second Release, ‘On the Advancement of Decay’.

Philly band Sublation is known for its technical death metal. They have their second album ready for release entitled ‘On the Advancement of Decay

The six-song EP is an experimental journey through different production styles and genres with a locus on Decay. As the tracks advance on there is a regression of clarity, melody, and even rhyming meter as ‘Sublation’ navigates from one theme to the next. The painter Jay Defeo once said “Only by chancing the ridiculous, can I hope for the sublime” and with this release SUBLATION chances the ridiculous, grasping towards an ideal of a metal release that has narrative, compositional, and sonic cohesion.

Check out the EP’s opening track, “Congenital Putrescence”


Max Svalgard – guitar, bass, vocals

Danny Piselli – drums

1) Congenital Putrescence
2) Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It
3) Eclipse Awe
4) Idiopathic
5) Born Out of a Whim
6) This Little Death
7) We Were Never Meant To Live This Long


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