The Bewildering Art Depicting The Stephen King Story “STAND BY ME” By Artist Layla Karis Balfour


The year is 1986, I walk into my local video store looking for something to rent. Something that my parents would approve of since I was too young to rent movies at the time (I was 9). Not knowing that Stephen King wrote about more than horror, I picked up the film STAND BY ME. It looked interesting enough and had actors I knew from other films in it.

This film stays with me almost four decades later. It was an adventure, it was something my friends and I would discuss in the schoolyard. We would quote lines and almost gag when we brought up the pie-eating contest scene.

Rob Reiner directed the almost perfect movie with the perfect cast for this King tale.
Now artist Layla Karis Balfour revisits this classic story with her first attempt at wood-burning art on a large hunk of wood.
Here’s just a little peek at this magnificent art piece and remember, this is only her first try at woodburning!

Follow Layla Karis Balfour on her Social Media accounts and maybe suggest other great films that she can attempt in woodburning.


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