House Of Gog Releases “Welcome To The Machine” Art Statue By SKINNER – Pre-orders Open Now

House of Gog is excited to introduce “Welcome to the Machine” original art statue, from the artwork of Oakland legend, horror and fantasy artist, Skinner. This is the third release in our “The art of Skinner” series.

As pioneers in the genre, every release from House of Gog is an accurate transposition of the original reference artwork into a high-end 3D collectible format. With more than 20 years of experience in statue making, this statue represents the pinnacle of our craftsmanship.

In an industry saturated with superheroes, House of Gog provides a fresh and unique perspective, offering some of the coolest collectible statues in the world while promoting its love for art and for artists.

“Welcome to the Machine’‘ original art statue is an official collaboration with Skinner (artist).

Here’s the story that goes along with this art piece


“The titans lived their lives in the way that titans do. Looming in massive fashion above the mortals of many worlds, creating when needed and destroying when so inclined.

Worshiped and feared as they battle and politic in the upper pantheons of their long lasting lives. And even in their great power and magnificence, the Machine waits to devour them all. The great return to nothingness where their essence and natures become cosmic ingredients from which the Machine will make them anew.

A procession of ending and beginning in the carnival of nightmare gods where the machine is forever entertained! None too large or menacing shall be turned away, for all are welcome to the Machine.”



To stay loyal to Skinner’s art style, each statue is hand-painted by artists, making each individual piece unique in its own way. We believe that this new release is the right combination between a classic collectible, an art toy and museum-like art piece, elevating this statue from a mere collectible to a true work of art.


Dimensions: 17H x 12W x 17D (inches)
Material: 100% high-quality resin
Handcrafted and hand-painted
Limited numbered edition: 150 units, each signed by Skinner
Price: $1,200 USD with flexible payment plans available
Worldwide shipping offered

Connect with Skinner:
Instagram: @skinner
Facebook: theartofskinner
Twitter: @SKINNER
YouTube: theartofSkinner
Online portfolio:

House of Gog:
Social Media: @houseofgog on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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