Review- IGNITED Blister And Peel Our Eardrums Away With The New Album “Cradle Of The Wicked”

Heavy Metal is alive and well thanks to the band IGNITED. This young band comes from Brazil but now has a home in Stockholm, Sweden. They exude Heavy Metal through every vein in their bodies. Singer Denis Lima’s vocals shatter windows with high falsetto form. His style is comparable to Halford’s Painkiller era and Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime. The vocals only complement the heaviness of the rest of the band. Just one listen to IGNITED and your ears will never be the same. They’ll have you hooked, wanting more and more.

Dalton Castro guitars the hell out of every track, especially when it comes to shredding. He’s a master of the axe and injects each track with musical diesel power.

Not to be outdone, Martin Bellucci (Bass) and Maurício Velasco (Drums) stamp each also. They match the energy of Castro and Limia, complimenting them superlative.

To pick one stand-out track on this album is a great injustice. The album comes flying out of the gate with the energy-injected title track “Cradle of the Wicked”. Trying to put into words how much this song rips is pointless, listen to it and thank me later.

Velasco’s ferocious drum march beat battles Castro’s guitar shredding in “The Overflow”. Who wins, the listeners win!

Listeners must eat the whole album, even though the bang gives you so much to chew on in the first few tracks. Don’t get fooled the band has a few tricks up their sleeves.

The song “Life Goes By” slows the tempo ever so slightly. The lyrics are a look at life as bass and guitar harmonize in beautiful unison. Lima’s vocals also slow down to a soothing unity with the rest of the band. This is as close to a ballad as you’ll hear on the album.

“Nightshift” is the drum and bass show again, this not only draws the listeners into a 3 a.m. world of mysticism but also showcases every aspect of the band.

Listen once to an IGNITED song and they will convert you to fans for life. If they sound this high-energy and in unison on the album imagine what they sound like live. Every song on CRADLE OF THE WICKED deserves its spot. Does this band ever tire, the short answer at least from a musical standpoint is NO. IGNITED although young in their career is showing they are masters of metal. Let’s all hope they stick around and show some of the bands on major labels how to do things the right way.

Buy the digital album “Cradle of The Wicked” out now and find out more about the band at IGNITED OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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