Review: Courtney Gains Is Honest, True And Melodic On New Album “Safe Haven”

Courtney Gains is known worldwide for his horror films like The Burbs and Children of The Corn, but he also is a musician. He’s taken time in his busy schedule to release a new EP entitled “Safe Haven” released through Fake Fangs Records.

From the get-go, this 6-song album is a no-nonsense rock folk extravaganza. The title track introduces listeners to Gain’s free and easy vocal style. Don’t go expecting any voracious vocals, this is a laid-back soothing affair (think Les Claypool of Primus). What impresses me more than the vocals is Gain’s guitar playing. It’s stripped down, has no frills and simply rocks. His lyrics are a tongue-in-cheek look at the world through his eyes.

The second song on the album “Healer” is fast becoming my favourite tune of this year. It is just pure style and substance, complete with a catchy chorus and piano to boot.

This 6-song recording catches different sides of the same coin. Gains is having fun with his mult-style release. This is bluesy, folky and definitely a great listen. I dare listeners to not tap along to the guitar in songs like “Big Brother” and the hilarious “Bills In Space”.

The final track “Good Times” ends the album on a perfect note. It displays Gain’s talent for guitar and lyrical rock. You can tell music isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion for this man. Hey, who knew that Malachi could rock so well?

Safe Haven is out now on digital and CD formats through Fake Fangs Records.

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