Mourn The Light Release Official Video for “We Are The Light”

Connecticut Metal experts Mourn The Light just dropped an official video for “We Are The Light“. This is the new single from the forthcoming 4-Way Split with High Priest, Ice Howl, and Archdruid.

“We Are the Light” is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Mourn The Light will hit the road this weekend for a trio of shows, as follows:

Nov. 10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Shred Shed (w/ Ironflame, Olathia, Iron Brigade)

Nov. 11 Cleveland, OH @ Maple Grove Tavern (w/ Throne of Iron, Sunless Sky, Iron Brigade)

Nov. 12 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland (w/ Last Pharaoh, Beyond Rage, Iron Brigade)

Four hungry bands from the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal underground, each taking a different approach and putting their own spin on doom, have come together to showcase new material in the form of a nine-song split album! Featuring Mourn The Light, High Priest, Ice Howl, and Archduid, the self-titled album will be independently released on November 24 and available from each of the bands on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats.

Here are a few places to listen to just a few of the other songs included on this album.

Stream Ice Howl’s “Silent Resistance”

Stream High Priest’s “In The Hall of the High Priest”

Archdruid’s “Green Outlaw”

Here is the Track Listing for this new and unique album

Track Listing:

1. We are the Light – Mourn the Light

2. No One Gets Out Alive – Mourn the Light

3. In The Hall Of The High Priest – High Priest

4. The Wizard’s Gold – High Priest

5. Old Men And Their Lies – High Priest

6. Silent Resistance – Ice Howl

7. Final Stand Of The Third Age – Ice Howl

8. Green Outlaw – Archdruid

9. Niseag – Archdruid

Cover art by Dark Days Design


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