MAGIC The Gathering: Spookydrop 2023 Includes Secret Lair X The Evil Dead & Creepshow Cards

Spookydrop 2023 includes a couple of classic horror properties this time around. The Evil Dead and Creepshow have their cards available in foil and non-foil versions. The decks are only available for 15 more days, after that, it will be too late.

Here’s a little more from the MAGIC: The Gathering website.

“So we found a mysterious set of cards beside an old audio tape in the cellar of a secluded cabin in the woods. We played the tape and the next thing we knew, an ancient malevolence—the cult classic movie, The Evil Dead starring Bruce Campbell—was rising from the grave to take possession of this Secret Lair drop. Now all our friends are zombies, the woods are alive, and we’ve discovered some very creative uses for a chainsaw. All in all, not the worst vacation”.

The Foil Version costs $39.99 and non-foil $29.99

Here is what the foil set includes

  • 1x Foil Puresteel Paladin as “Ash, Destined Survivor”
  • 1x Foil Vanquish the Horde as “Destroy the Dead”
  • 1x Foil Zombie Apocalypse as “Knowby’s Incantation”
  • 1x Foil Varina, Lich Queen as “Linda, Kandarian Queen”
  • 1x Foil Field of the Dead as “Cabin of the Dead”
  • 1x Foil Zombie Token

Art by Fay Dalton, Warren Mahy, and Josh Newton

Purchase here

Secret Lair X CREEPSHOW FOIL $39.99 AND NON-FOIL $29.99

“Prepare to descend into the darkest corners of your own psyche with a spine-tingling anthology of sinister cards with Creepshow, the cult horror franchise inspired by pulp comics. Will you wield these cards to unearth unspeakable horror or merely pay the price for your insatiable curiosity? This drop will grip your heart, leaving you breathless, trembling, and unable to run”.

Art by Cabrol, Andrea De Dominicis, Greg Staples, Jarel Threat, Michael Walsh, and Scott Okumura

Purchase here

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