Check Out The Supernatural Serial Killer Trailer For THE INN Coming In 2024

Directors/Writers Kevin Beganovic and Sloan Losch of Greasy Boys Films are set to release their Supernatural Serial Killer film THE INN in the summer of 2024.

The synopsis sounds intriguing: A journalist arrives at the Palm Court Motel. No one is working there except the Motel’s bartender. The two men start talking, the journalist talks about the story he’s covering. It’s about a serial killer who travels from Hotel to Hotel murdering everyone (guests and staff) and checking out next morning. While in the middle of the conversation about this killer, a curious-looking drifter walks through the motel doors within view of both the bartender and the journalist. Could this be a coincidence or just the start of a deadly night?

Here’s a short-film version of THE INN just for reference

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