Mondo Reveals The “Real” Macready Collectible In One-Sixth Form on Sale October 31 through to November 10th

Oh, how my bank account weeps because yet another John Carpenter collectible has been released. This time Mondo takes on the classic character R.J. MacReady from the 1982 film THE THING. This 1/6 scale looks to have the realism of the character done to perfection.

Complete with leather jacket, flamethrower, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, one pair of interchangeable gloves, and two interchangeable heads. Other accessories include mutated-dog, spider-head, shotgun and revolver weapons (note the mutated dog and Spider-head accessories are only available with the time-edition release).

Creators Pichet Pitsuwan and Matt Black (sculptors), Viola Wittrocka, Hector Arce and Ed Bradley(painters), and Tim Hanson(wardrobe and sewing), deserve a huge pat on the back for bringing this “Thing” to fans and collectors.

Both editions will go on sale from October 31 to November 10 at noon (Central time). The deluxe Timed Edition version retails for $265 with the regular edition slightly cheaper at $235.

If you’re a John Carpenter nut like me be sure to head over to Mondo’s webshop and ready your fingers for the drop, these won’t stay in stock long.

Mondo Website

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