NIGHT OF THE HUNTED – Intense, Topical Sniper Terror

Starring Camille Rowe, Abbe Andersen, J. John Bieler
Directed by Franck Khalfoun
Written by Rubén Ávila Calvo, Glen Freyer, Franck Khalfoun, David R.L.

When one moment in time changes the rest of your life. In this remake of a Spanish film ‘La noche del ratón’ (Night of the Rat) 2015. Alice (Camille Rowe) and John (Jeremy Scippio) stop at a gas station in the dead of night to refuel. A sniper with a vendetta plays a game of cat and mouse with Alice. To stay alive she must listen to his endless lectures while dodging bullets and warn unsuspected visitors to the gas station. She must find out why she is a target of the man’s rage to survive the night.

The contemporary focus of the movie is very current with the state of our society. The value we put on one’s life may only become evident when serious situations occur. Alice (Rowe) finds this out all too well. Her infidelity and morals battle it out at the hands of the sniper.

Rowe exudes tension through every pour of her body on camera. Acting chops, she has those in spades. The film hinges on her reaction and interaction with the sniper. The two of them verbally battle it out over many things. One memorable interaction was over Alice’s infidelity. She’s cheating on her husband with John, the man she stops at the gas station with.

The film is shot with intensity as a major player. Khalfoun is a virtuoso at pacing and tension. The audience does not have time to catch their breath before more bullets fly. The dialogue doesn’t feel forced, but quite authentic and chilling.

NIGHT OF THE HUNTED is a film that does not shy away from the mundane. There’s a heap load of realism, that some people may not be able to stomach, but that’s why the film is powerful and dangerous. It doesn’t glorify violence, it just points a bright on the state of the world. Just like Khalfoun’s other films P2 and Maniac, this one will stay with you for days.

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