Sweden’s Resident Heavy Metal Masters IGNITED Return With New Album ‘Cradle of the Wicked’

2017 sees the band start to play high powered heavy metal which leads to pre-production of the first album. The first full-length album ‘Steelbound‘ is recorded on August of 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil (the native home of Ignited).
Although the Pandemic slowed to the upward trajectory of the band, it also sees them get a distribution deal for a physical CD with Voice Music Records.

Steelbound has reached more than 200.000 streams on Spotify and more than 100.000 on YouTube so far, having an excellent acceptance by the audience in many countries.

Skip to October 27th, 2023 and Ignited have just released their new digital album ‘Cradle of the Wicked’ with ten tracks.

1.Cradle Of The Wicked 03:11
2.The Overflow 03:57
3.At The Damned’s Hall 04:49
4.Bloody Satisfied 03:52
5.Uncontrollable 03:30
6.The Sewer Lords 04:17
7.Life Goes By 04:47
8.Nightshift 03:29
9.Tearing Down The Walls 03:36
Abyss of Fear 03:17

Listen to the full album stream and go grab a digital copy of the IGNITED discography here.

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