Chicago’s Sludge Metal Band Sun King Ba Release New EP “Goliath Worm”

“Larvicide” is the first single from Ectothermic Sludge Metal band Sun King Ba’s upcoming EP Goliath Worm. The three songs are all available to stream and buy at the band’s Bandcamp account and all other streaming services.

Physical copies of the EP can also be purchased on cassette tape (which also include a digital version of the EP). Goliath Worm, recounts the rise and demise of the first major rival to the throne of Sun King Ba.

The EP was engineered by Steve Albini at @electricalaudioand mastered by Greg Obis (@guy_pidgeotto) at @chicagomasteringservice Album art by @mono_means_doom.

The band describe its new EP like this:

Cavernous echoes ring out with the sick dripping of caustic spit. Behold Goliath Worm, azure colossus. One-horned usurper who would challenge Sun King Ba.

Flattening the earth in a mesmeric dance, its foul procession leaving only trails of sallowed pulp. A thousand larvae spill from its back, seeds of rot.The first new growths heralding the dawn of the barren age“.

That’s a pretty hefty and very visual description, especially from an all instrumental band. It almost makes me wish they’d write and record some lyrics.


Anthony Santoro – Guitars

Jeff Perlman – Bass

Calvin Schaller – Drums

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