ABERRANCE Stuns With Pulse-Inducing Puzzles And Superior Storytelling

Movie Title: ABERRANCE
Starring: Selenge Chadraabal, Erkhembayar Ganbat, Sukhee Ariunbyamba
Directed by: Baatar Batsukh
Written by: Erdene Orosoo, Byambasuren Ganbat, Baatar Batsukh
Distributor: Freestyle Releasing (United States)
Rating: R
Run Time: 75 minutes (Film is subtitled)

Erkhmee (Erkhembayar Ganbat) and his wife Selenge (Selenge Chadraabal) leave the comforts of the city for a getaway to an old cabin deep in the Mongolian wilds. This isolated destination is a perfect setting for the couple, although there is something more at play. Erkhmee is sensitive to his wife who is under doctor’s care. Selenge is dealing with a few issues as it seems. Their neighbour observes some odd and violent behaviour from Erkhmee. Things become more apparent as the story unfolds to a shocking conclusion.

Touted as the first “Mongolian horror” feature film released theatrically in the United States. Right from the get-go ABERRANCE has a different feel to it than other films. Batsukh isn’t constrained in telling a story without a natural pacing or blueprint. His direction is precise and thins the fat that bog down many nondescript genre films. There are breadcrumbs of clues throughout the story, but even the keenest eyes will gasp in amazement at the conclusion of the film.

More impressive is the top-tier cast members that viewers of any country will connect with. Erkhembayar Ganbat gets high grades for playing the multidimensional Erkhmee. His levelheaded controlled chaotic demeanour is something that only great actors can bewitch with. Not to be outdone are Selenge Chadraabal (Selenge) and Sukhee Ariunbyamba as the new neighbour, Both are equally talented and emotionally ready to play their characters.

The fact that Baatar Batsukh’s end credits say the film ABERRANCE is for Darren Aronofsky should tell the audience what type of ride they’re in for. ABERRANCE is a beautiful and artistic film. The puzzles lead the viewers on a sweat-inducing thrill ride of emotions, which subside after the credits roll.

Premiering Theatrically in the U.S on October 6, 2023

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