Horror/Thriller THE CALLER To Release Digitally In The UK October 23

THE CALLER ( Titled MINACIOUS in the United States) is an unsettling and tense debut from Richard Anthony Dunford delivering maximum chills and thrills from an ever more claustrophobic and creepy setting. In the same vein as recent films Barbarian and Watcher, THE CALLER will keep viewers glued to their seats.


Director: Richard Anthony Dunford
Writer: Richard Anthony Dunford
Stars: Eric Roberts, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Colin Baker

Izzy (Sarah Alexandra Marks), a young woman who works remotely as a customer service agent for a bank, agrees to house-sit for her uncle while he is abroad. Whilst working alone at this secluded house she receives an unnerving phone call from a dissatisfied customer who is hellbent on tormenting her. Izzy grows increasingly paranoid from the harassment fearing that the sadistic caller’s threats may end up becoming a violent reality.

THE CALLER comes to the digital format October 23 (UK)

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