Whatever You Do “DON’T LOOK AWAY” Out Digitally September 25 In The UK

CENTRAL CITY MEDIA presents a film from award-winning writer/director Michael Bafaro (The Barber), DON’T LOOK AWAY stars Kelly Bastard, in her debut feature, as Frankie, a college student who accidentally unleashes a curse, and is stalked by a seemingly unstoppable – and murderous – mannequin.

Combining the stylish creeping tension of It Follows with the spine-tingling urban legend terror of Candyman, DON’T LOOK AWAY is a must-watch horror treat for fans of the likes of hit chillers Talk To Me, Smile and Megan. But don’t be a dummy – make sure you don’t watch it alone!

Here’s what the film is about
After accidentally killing someone with her car, college student Frankie spots a mannequin standing in the middle of the street. She soon discovers that she is the recipient of a fatal curse and begins seeing the mannequin everywhere she goes. Frankie’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings until they too begin to see the mannequin and must band together to stay alive.


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