Netherlands Lord Vulture Release New Single “Taiga” Out Now!

Today we released ‘Taiga’, the second single of our upcoming Live ’em Up! album. Taiga is now available on all the major streaming platforms and it can also be downloaded from our own Bandcamp page.

“We chose Taiga as it is one of our older and more majestic songs. With its epic intro, crunchy riffs, and sing-along choruses, it is one of those songs that will probably be part of our live set until the end of time”.

Taiga was recorded back in 2014 during our set at the mighty SOS Festival in Radcliffe, Manchester in the United Kingdom. It was our first time in England (though not our first time in the UK) and we cherish a lot of wonderful memories of that night.

There are only three weeks to go until the release of Live ’em Up! If you haven’t yet, you can still pre-order the album on CD or vinyl from our webstore or our Bandcamp page and catch a signed photograph and set of custom guitar picks along with it for free.

Tour ’em Up!:
23.09.2023 – Beukfeest / Vierlingsbeek / Netherlands
30.09.2023 – Ben’s Metal Fest / Aalsmeer / Netherlands
21.10.2023 – Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival / Amstelveen / Netherlands
27.10.2023 – Soundcheck One / Waldbronn / Germany
28.10.2023 – Na Vinici / Blatná / Czech Republic
04.11.2023 – Holland Heavy Festival / Drachten / Netherlands

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