NecroticGoreBeast – Repugnant [Brutal Death ft Cryptopsy and Bludgeoned members on Comatose Music]


This is a wicked, wicked world, and in a wicked world, wicked people are born.
-Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker

I am faceless and I am empty. You could fall into the hollow pits of my eyes and tumble through the darkness forever, your screams of terror echoing endlessly in the blackness inside me. Beneath its fragile wrapping of skin, my face is a featureless morass of hate and hunger, punctured by my broken, rotten teeth. I am a purposeless, meaningless creature and I will kill, maim, brutalize and destroy without thought or reason until my own ending arrives in a flood of blood and pain; until I return to the nothingness from which I came.

A tumultuous confluence of a multitude of extremes; crimson streams of wicked creativity, cruel precision, sheer sickening heaviness and fear-choked atmosphere, bleeding together into a coagulating pool of ichor and viscera – NecroticGoreBeast have returned with new album Repugnant!
Already established as one of the most skilled and crushing bands in the brutal death metal field, the Quebecois killers have raised the bar again, leaving the competition dead in the dust. The blades they wield are sharper than ever before, the riffs cutting deeper, dissecting and dismembering, leaving never-healing wounds. Repugnant is a cascade of magnificent horrors; from the relentless, cavernous power of ‘Ruptured Priapism’ to the slithering cold sweat nightmare of ‘Phlebotomized’, the chilling and remorseless title track to the technical torture and blasting terror of ‘Consensual Castration’ – which features a guest vocal performance from Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy – and the frantic, compulsive thuggery of ‘Masturbated To Death’ which is graced by Jonathan Huber of Bludgeoned. With each new album, NecroticGoreBeast redefines what brutal death metal can be, to what breathtaking sonic extremes this music can take. Repugnant represents a new terrifying pinnacle for the genre and NecroticGoreBeast is gazing down at the carnage they have left in their wake, secure upon their throne.

NecroticGoreBeast has assembled a crack support team to help bring Repugnant to vicious, vibrant life; the guitars, bass and vocals are being recorded by Gabriel Joly, lead guitarist of The Outborn, the insane drumming captured by Olivier Bourgeois at Everest Sound Studio, who also worked on the two previous NecroticGoreBeast albums and the magnificent mixing and mastering being handled by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings – another previous collaborator and a man trusted by the likes of Analepsy, Gaerea and Pyrexia. The results are a simply staggering combination of precision, clarity, all-enveloping atmosphere and bone-shattering power. The final unsettling touch comes in the form of R F. Pangborn’s artwork, which is deeply infused with feelings of trauma, confusion and fear. Everything about this album is shocking in its imperious intensity and when Comatose Music pulls the trigger on its release on November 3rd there will be no resisting its obscene might.

“I don’t care what happens to me. I never did, really.”
-Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker

John Mayer – Vocals
Michael Chamberland – Guitar
JP Bouchard – Drums
Alexandre Brochu – Bass

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Cryptopsy | Deeds Of Flesh | Wormed

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