Cinephobia Releasing Show Off Trailer For THE GOLDSMITH


Directed by Vincenzo Ricchiuto

Starring Giuseppe Pambieri, Stefania Casini, Tania Bambaci,

Italy I 2022 I Horror, Thriller I 89 minutes

A trio of desperate criminals break into the isolated country house of an elderly goldsmith and his wife. But their chosen targets turn out to be far less defenceless than they seem, and it quickly becomes apparent crime can be a deadly career…

Cinephobia Releasing is proud to announce the North American release of THE GOLDSMITH, a captivating home invasion thriller with a bloody twist that offers plenty of violent fun. The debut feature from director Vincenzo Ricchiuto, and stars veteran Italian actor Giuseppe Pambieri and Stefania Casini (Suspiria).

The Goldsmith is a horror film that screws with your expectations and delivers a gruesome, one would even say eye-popping, experience.”  said Ray Murray, President of Cinephobia Releasing.

THE GOLDSMITH follows childhood friends and now adult criminals, Stefano, Roberto and Arianna as they concoct a simple plan: break into an elderly couple’s home and find the valuables in the old man’s hidden jewelry workshop.

But not this night and not this house, as the doddering couple prove to be not nearly as helpless as they may seem. Underneath those wrinkles and elderly facades are two totally deranged killers, intent on greeting their new houseguests in their own way. The thieves soon find themselves locked in a soundproof room, about to become guinea pigs for the couple’s mad experiments. They broke in, but can they survive long enough to break out?

THE GOLDSMITH will arrive on DVD and VOD, digital platforms on October 3, with platforms including AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu/Fandango, Vimeo, YouTube Movies, and Kino Now

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