“Enter Boogeyman” horror anthology Kickstarter

ENTER BOOGEYMAN, is a horror anthology for those who are not afraid of the monsters under the bed!

This anthology will feature stories by Masters of Horror such as Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Ramsey Campbell and many more!

Edited by Alessandro Manzetti, Bram Stoker Award winner

Introduction by Poppy Z. Brite

He’s a shadow. He’s in the closet, or he’s under the bed. Maybe he’s in the mirror… or maybe he’s just in your head. He can hurt you; he’ll eat your heart and memories without you realizing. He is the boogeyman. You saw him once before, a long time ago. You glimpsed those claws, those teeth, in the sheath of darkness that came alive as it thickened around you. It’s familiar to you; this scent of things dead. Do you remember…?

In this collection of dark tales that will launch on Kickstarter on October 3rd, some of the best modern horror writers explore the boogeyman in his many different forms. Using imagination, nightmares, or a mix of the things made of reality and of dread, these eighteen tales are sure to remind you of your own boogeyman… alive or dead”.

Who is the boogeyman? A better question might be: Who isn’t he? asks Poppy Z. Brite in the introduction to this horror anthology dedicated to the scariest monster of them all — the one that lives where you live, that looks at you in the night, the one you think you left behind as a childhood fantasy.

Some of the best pens of contemporary horror asked themselves this question and gave us their answer: a terrifying one, of course. From well-known and loved stories by masters such as Stephen King (for the first time on Kickstarter) and Joe R. Lansdale to new haunting ones by well-known and beloved authors that are giving new life and direction to the horror genre, Enter Boogeyman will be a Collectors Edition wonderfully illustrated by Francesco Biagini, a hardcover for the horror enthusiast and the bibliophile alike.

Complete list of authors (alphabetical):

Linda D. Addison

Poppy Z. Brite (introduction)

Ramsey Campbell

Richard Chizmar

Brian Evenson

Gemma Files

Stephen King

Gwendolyn Kiste

John Langan

Joe R. Lansdale

Graham Masterton & Karolina Mogielska

RC Matheson

John Shirley

Lucy A. Snyder

Craig Spector

Anna Taborska

Lucy Taylor

Lisa Tuttle

Mercedes M. Yardley

Edited by Alessandro Manzetti

Published by Acheron 

Cover by Christian Ward

The campaign will start on October 3rd and can be found here

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