The New Book “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” By Rachel Stavis & Sarah Durand

Rachel Stavis, a world-renowned exorcist (the only known female and non-denominational exorcist). Known as Hollywood’s best-kept secret – serving rock icons, Oscar winners, and many more – she cleanses the darkness that consumes even the most elite.

Rachel invites you into her captivating world through her best-selling memoir, Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” (HarperCollins) which is now currently in development for a scripted series adaptation at FX with renowned director, actress, and producer Pamela Adlon (“Better Things”, “King of the Hill”, “Californication”) signed on to executive produce.

Rachel’s story is a revelation, shining a light on the mysterious and fascinating realm of modern-day exorcism. “Sister of Darkness” is not just about scares and thrills; it’s a thought-provoking exploration of the unseen forces that plague humanity.  In a world filled with tales of horror and the supernatural, Rachel is our guide into the very real world of the unexplained and she introduces us to the diverse range of “entities” that surround us, She explains their power, and what we can do to protect ourselves from the dark forces of the Spirit realm. 

Here’s a little more about the book and Rachel

The world’s only non-denominational exorcist tells her astonishing true story: a riveting chronicle of wrestling entities from infected souls, showing how pain and trauma open us to attachment from forces that drain our energy . . . and can even destroy our humanity.

As a secular exorcist, Rachel H. Stavis has cleansed thousands of tormented people, from small children and Hollywood moguls to stay-at-home moms and politicians. But for many years, the horror screenwriter and novelist denied her gift. As a little girl, she began to see “monsters” floating around her bedroom or attached to other children. Told it was only her imagination, Rachel learned to ignore the things she saw.

However, a series of events in adulthood forced her to acknowledge her unique ability and embrace her power to heal. Since then, Rachel has dedicated her life to helping others cast off the forces feeding off of us. Performing her services pro bono, she quietly worked in the shadows, until she unknowingly revealed her work to a journalist, who told her story to NPR.

A unique look at demonology removed from religious dogma, Sister of Darkness recounts Rachel’s journey to becoming an exorcist and chronicles some of her most extreme cleansing cases, including those that put her and her clients in peril. Going deep into her world, we meet the diverse range of people she has helped—young, old, famous, and not—in gripping stories of danger and sometimes sadness, that are ultimately about redemption. Rachel teaches us that there are a diverse range of “entities” surrounding us—some of these are playful or misguided, while some are dangerous and harmful. She introduces each of them and explains their power, helping us understand what is attacking and hurting us, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Frightening, eye-opening, and utterly enthralling, Sister of Darkness brings to light a world ruled by destruction, chaos, and fear, and the woman who bravely fights to protect those who seek her out.

This chilling memoir delves into the darkest corners of the human experience, exploring how pain, trauma, and malevolent forces can infiltrate our lives. Rachel’s incredible encounters with the paranormal will send shivers down your spine.

Purchase a copy of the book at fine bookstores now and get into the spooky season!

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