A24’s MEDUSA DELUXE Is An Ambitious Whodunnit Debut From Director Thomas Hardiman


Written & Directed By
Thomas Hardiman

Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Clare Perkins, Darrell D’Silva, Debris Stevenson, Harriet Webb, Heider Ali, Kae Alexander, Kayla Meikle, Lilit Lesser, Luke Pasqualino, Nicholas Karimi

Release Date:
Friday, August 11, 2023

When a murder happens at a hairstylist competition in England. Before the show’s judging can begin the murderer must be caught. Go on a whodunit adventure with a cast of backstabbing, foul-mouthed hairstylists with a simmering resentment for each other.

MEDUSA DELUXE is the debut film from writer/director Thomas Hardiman. His direction is an exhilarating cinematic experience full of creative characters and majestic camera work.

When the film starts we are first introduced to Cleve (Clare Perkins), whose anger problems are very evident from the get-go. Perkins steals scene after scene with her intensity and interesting persona. Other cast members work together well and push the plot forward.

The film is one continuous shot, with the camera following each character individually down the dark and dank neon corridors of the building it takes place within. The camera work is the main reason to check out MEDUSA DELUXE. It’s exhilarating and very immersive and just great filmmaking.

If there was one aspect holding the film back it would be the clunky meat of the plot. Yes, there’s a mystery to unravel, but some scenes don’t help to emulate interest in solving the mystery. There’s dialogue for dialogue’s sake, which sometimes confuses the viewer. This one-time style over substance really shines.

The soundtrack by Koreless is electronically emotive. It fits the atmosphere of the film bewitchingly. The most memorable scene of the film comes during the credits with the cast comes out dancing to a song, this just shows how playful and fun the cast had on set.

Get some insight into a professional hairdressing competition with a side of a murder mystery. Stay for the stunning cinematography work, score and captivating characters. Don’t go looking for an engaging murder mystery plot, this one falls short. MEDUSA DELUXE is something different in a world full of superhero films and that’s not a bad thing. Keep an eye open for more projects from Thomas Hardiman, they’re sure to be very interesting.

MEDUSA DELUXE will release Friday August 11, 2023

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