Comic Crypt: Dark Horse’s Annual Halloween Anthology THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN!

Dark Horse Comics has announced its annual Halloween anthology with THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN! Five new scary stories are sure to terrify on October 23, 2023. Be sure to read on for all the details about this new one-shot and some wicked cover art down below.

From The Press Release

Milwaukie, Ore., (July 18, 2023)—Boils, ghouls, vampires, monsters, and creatures of all kinds, welcome. Take a seat, go on, fill the aisles, relax your fangs, and sit with us for a while. Follow a macabre and magical journey through all the haunts and spooks that keep you up at night. Here you’ll revel in darkness for a chilling, nay PETRIFYING experience as the Headless Horseman presents a collection of five terrifying tales to warm up your cold soul. Hurry up now, you won’t want to keep them waiting…

This Halloween the headless haunt, our Dark Equestrian, saddles up for a one-shot gathering creepy tales perfect for a night of nightmares. The Headless Horseman Halloween Annual is a new Halloween anthology from Dark Horse Comics and contains macabre merriment from a host of haunting creators, including: Angela Slatter (Castle Full of Blackbirds), Lukas Ketner (Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter), Olivia Stephens (Darlin’ and Her Other Names), Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, The House), Christie Porter, Leah Kilpatrick, David Dastmalchian (Count Crowley), Valeria Burzo (Castle Full of Blackbirds), Tyler Crook (Harrow County), Frank Cvetkovic (The House), and more. These five stories are presented by creators who share a love of shudder-inducing, spine-tingling imagery and spooky tales! 

“Doing a Halloween-themed anthology has always been a dream of mine, and we were able to assemble a fantastic crew of creators to help carry out that vision. The book is full of fun, creepy, and iconic stories that will scare and delight readers, I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!” said editor Megan Walker.

“Being able to write Horror House with David was such a gift to my spooky heart and seeing Tyler’s beautiful artwork bring it all to life was something truly special.” said writer Leah Kilpatrick. “It’s such a treat to be able to be a part of an anthology series and when that series is about Halloween what more can you want!”

“There is a controlled kind of magic in one-shot, anthological storytelling that follows a tradition of EC Comics, short films and even well-crafted jokes. Getting to collaborate with the amazing Leah Kilpatrick and one of my favorite artists, Tyler Crook, under Megan Walker’s guidance has been the perfect laboratory to cook up a twisted Halloween tale!” said writer David Dastmalchian.

If you’ve ever gotten lost while trick-or-treating, if writer’s block gives you a disproportionate sense of dread, if you won’t walk past that certain house down the road… just in case, if you have ever wondered why the new kid came to town or what could possibly make those spooky horror games even scarier, and especially if you think nothing can frighten you, this anthology is for you.

With plenty of thrills and chills, the 56-page (6.625″ x 10.1875″) Headless Horseman Halloween Annual with the main cover by Lukas Ketner will be in comic shops on October 23, 2023. Variant covers by comics icon Mike Mignola (with colorist Dave Stewart) and Mark Spears will also be available. Get “a-head” of the Halloween rush and pre-order at your local comic shop for $7.99.

Variant Cover B — Mike Mignola w/ Colorist Dave Stewart
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