Cadabra Records and Mondo To Release New Vinyl By H.P. Lovecraft and More!

Mondo’s Distro Drop with Cadabra Records will release new vinyl of macabre literature including authors H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and more. Read on for all the details and how you can get yours down below.

From The Press Release

This week on the Distro Drop …
We’re unveiling new vinyl from Cadabra Records, whose spoken word records of classic macabre literature feature extraordinary voice actors, scores by world-class composers and absolutely killer artwork. 
Delve into the black abyss with Mondo exclusive variants for H. P. Lovecraft‘s THE FESTIVALBram Stoker‘s DRACULA, and RETRO INFERNO by Dave Neabore
We’re also stocking more Cadabra chillers including THE BEYOND Composer’s Cut by Fabio Frizzi plus H. P Lovecraft‘s THE LURKING FEAR and THE UNNAMABLE & THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER

And as always, distributed titles from labels worldwide drop EVERY FRIDAY at

H. P. Lovecraft’s THE FESTIVAL LP (Mondo Exclusive)

In 2020, Cadabra Records released a reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s THE FESTIVAL, a Yuletide tale which includes a homecoming, lights and a gathering – although all of these are quite different than what one might get from Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL or Clement Clarke Moore’s A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS. As one might expect from Lovecraft, the short story is one of horri-ble incursions to places where few humans might ever have trod. 

Mondo Exclusive Natural White Vinyl by Cadabra Records. Edition of 100.


Bram Stoker’s DRACULA Audio Play with Tony Todd LP (Mondo Exclusive)

As with other audio dramas produced by Bleak December’s players, this was adapted by longtime Cadabra collaborator Anthony D.P. Mann, who also plays Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, and features an abridged take on Stoker’s century-old masterwork. Of course, as this is DRACULA, who plays the titular villain? None other than horror icon Tony Todd, whose deep and rumbling tones are perfectly suited for the mesmeric exhortations of the bloodsucking fiend.

Mondo Exclusive Clear Vinyl by Cadabra Records. Edition of 100.


RETRO INFERNO LP by Dave Neabore (Mondo Exclusive)

Dave Neabore, bassist for New Jersey hardcore band Dog Eat Dog, is no stranger to music which evokes terror. His solo work includes the score for the 2009 documentary, PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED VOL. 1, as well as singles and scores for horror comics publisher Eibon Press, such as the score for Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE (FULCI’S INFERNO). 

Mondo Exclusive Transparent Red Vinyl by Cadabra Records. Edition of 80.



Leman’s reading here, as with all his work for Cadabra, is superlative, but he brings a certain nervous uncertainty to his voice work which allows one to really and truly feel the brittle nature of the man who is relating the events which took place in the fall of 1921. As with so many of Lovecraft’s first-person narratives released by Cadabra, were it not for the music of Chris Bozzone which backgrounds Leman’s recitation, one might think that this was an obscure recording from a century ago, brought to light for the first time and terrifying those who now live in the places where unknown horrors once dwelt.

Natural White Vinyl by Cadabra Records.


THE BEYOND Composer’s Cut by Fabio Frizzi 2XLP

You’ve heard of the director’s cut of some of your favorite horror films, but now Cadabra Records is set to unleash a brand new concept – the Composer’s Cut of Fabio Frizzi’s legendary score for THE BEYOND.

Opaque Grey Mix Vinyl by Cadabra Records.



Cadabra Records presents two stories featuring the recurring character Randolph Carter. Read here by Andrew Leman and scored by Anima Morte, the two incidents are related first-person by Carter himself, and Leman’s delivery ably coveys the panic which Carter obviously felt at the time these incidents took place, but also the immense sense of world-weary exhaustion which has set in afterward.

Opaque Purple Mix Vinyl by Cadabra Records.


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