CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS Audio Horror Features New Stories!

Online audio horror channel CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS will be releasing three new horror stories! The new stories include Bestial, The Vampire Testament, and Demon Doll by writer Steve Gray. Keep reading below for more information.

From The Press Release

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights channel features some incredible works from Steve Gray including Bestial, The Vampire Testament, and Demon Doll. 

“Bestial” starring John Mach Maciag as “The Detective”, Jenna Caine as “Raimi”, Oliver W. Keilman as “Neve”, Brian Chambers as “The Morgue Technician”, and The Creature as himself.

The story centers around a young girl who is attracted to a dark stranger who’s new to town. 
This story follows a detective who feels that there’s evil afoot with this new stranger, as a series of gruesome slayings coincide with the stranger’s arrival to town. Things are not as they seem.

“The Vampire Testament” also written and narrated by Steve Gray.

The Devil walks among the ruins of a forgotten cemetery looking for a long dead servant who was wrongfully executed centuries earlier to provide him with the second chance to gain vengeance against the Holy Order who executed him. “The Vampire Testament”

“Demon Doll” Music Video.

“This song was first conceptualized on a Saturday in November of 2022 in my living room. Talking with my best friend, Donnie Dubose, He was mentioning when he played in the band called Planet Graveyard, and just prior to disbandment, they were working on a song called “Living Doll”. The song was loosely based on the Annabelle Movies.Over a few drinks, and some very hearty barbecue, we were talking about playing music and writing new songs together to record to put out on the streaming services. And he mentioned that concept to me. “You know, Steve,” he’d said. “We ought to put together an Annabelle Song “.That was really all it took. I commenced to experimenting with a few different riffs and came up with something that sounded as sinister as Black Sabbath’s song “Black Sabbath”.I wanted to have that same Devil’s Tritone approach. And with a Pantera’s Phil Anselmo/ Henry Rollins stylistically influenced spoken word over top of it, I felt that it would sound really eerie. And what you hear is the end result of our collaboration together. Donnie was tragically killed in a traffic accident on April 14th of 2023…This is the absolute last piece of creative content that we worked on together. I am extremely fortunate and grateful that we had one last hoorah together as musicians. Musicians I might add, who have played together in numerous bands as well as recording projects, as far back as 1987. He was my best friend, and will be sorely missed.”   – Steve Gray

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