COCAINE SHARK Gets Its Fins Up And Ready For Release On VOD & DVD July 11th

Get ready for the water to get really messy with COCAINE SHARK heading to VOD and DVD on July 11, 2023. Wild Eye Releasing has set sail on the sniffling shark mockumentary of sorts after the success of the recent film Cocaine Bear.

Director Mark Polonia & writer Bando Glutz weave a story about a drug lord that unleashes a highly addictive new stimulant onto the streets called “HT25”. This drug is obtained from sharks that are held in captivity in a secret lab. This, of course, causes monstrous side effects. A lab explosion frees these mutant sharks into the ocean where they team up with other creatures that must be stopped by a local group of humans or the disastrous effects will go worldwide.

DVD Bonus features include Trailers, Animation Out-Takes, and a Director’s Commentary.

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