THE WRATH OF BECKY Says Don’t Screw With This 16 Year Old Or Else!

By Chris Hammond

When films get a sequel they usually fail to repeat the successful formula of the original material. It isn’t easy to build upon the actual universe that a movie sets out. Luckily, this isn’t the case with THE WRATH OF BECKY. Co-directors Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote build upon the original 2020 film BECKY and manage to evolve the character into a more mature/vicious presence.

THE WRATH OF BECKY picks up two years after the events of the original movie. Becky (Lulu Wilson) attempts to rebuild her life with her trusted dog Diego (Pac Williams). She bounces around from foster home to foster home, taking off in the dead of night with her dog. Staying off the grid and doing tactical training (she’s always training) is Becky’s MO. Becky finally settles down with an old woman named Elena (Denise Burse-Mickelbury).’

One night while Becky is working, three “Noble Men” (Patriotic extremists who hate women) enter and soon hit Becky’s radar by getting into a verbal scuffle with her. The “Noble Men”, a group of patriotic extremists that hate women, follow Becky home and break in attacking her and also taking Diego (Becky’s dog).

What’s a Becky to do? should she go to the cops and get put back on the grid or return to her old ways to protect the only things left she loves?

Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote give the film a much more humorous feel also. Between exploding heads and other brutal and bloody scenes. This movie has action, horror and comedy, the three main food groups for film lovers.

LuLu Wilson has more dialogue throughout the film. Becky is evolving and more bad-ass than ever. If you’re a fan of The Simpson’s Itchy and Scratchy this will be right up your alley.

Wilson shines as this character Becky. She delivers lines that will make you laugh, scream and go holy Sh*$. She is having fun on screen and the audience will feed off that. Becky is Wilson’s character and boy she is meant for this role. This is thanks to good writing but also a great actress.

Now, let’s talk about Scott, who is still well-known for playing goofy characters. Scott has progressed in his roles over the years (Doug Glatt in Goon).

In THE WRATH OF BECKY, Scott gets to dig into the bad guy role as Darryl a high-ranking member of the “Noble Men”. Here he turns the goofy persona into a much darker and more serious one. There are interactions between Becky (Wilson) and Darryl (Scott) that are very intense.

Despite the ultra-revenge feel of the movie, there are still many dark-humour moments to be had. Usually, Becky is on the dealing end of these interactions. She’s smarter, stronger and somewhat prepared to deal out her punishment. She should be as there’s also a more physical side to this older, more mature character. She punishes the bodies with extreme prejudice.

Action scenes seem realistic, although nothing ground-breaking or new. Becky uses traps and other means to attack her badies. It’s not shoot ’em-up action with blurry pictures. Becky gets down and dirty with machetes, crossbows and more. Move over Ripley, Sarah Connor and John Wick, don’t mess with Becky, she’ll find you and F#$k you up!


Quiver Distribution will release the action/thriller/horror film THE WRATH OF BECKY exclusively in theatres on May 26, 2023.

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