News On Indiegogo Campaign Film BAKEMONO Which Apparently Will Be A Monster Movie With All Practical Effects

Writer/Director and campaign runner for BAKEMONO, Doug Roos is a fan of Practical Effects. This film is still taking backers as they set it for release in the Summer. Here’s a synopsis from Roos that may give insight into the story:

“A gruesome creature waits for unsuspecting victims in a cheap Tokyo rental apartment.” Expect transforming, tentacles, tons of atmosphere and suspense, different mutations of the monster, gruesome deaths, etc. There’s a lot more to it than that, but the setup is simple, like so many great films and I don’t want to spoil anything. Trailers these days ruin the whole movie. I think it’s important to preserve the mystery. I want this to be unpredictable. Don’t worry, there isn’t some stupid twist that ruins the movie. I just don’t want you to know who lives or dies, where the story is going, etc.”

Direct from the Indiegogo page is a few more nuggets of information on the film
Bakemono 化け物 (pronounced bah-kay-mow-noh) is the Japanese word for “monster” but a more direct translation of bake would be “changing” while mono would be “thing.”

Roos is definitely practical effects all the way, and he is here to wash those CGI creatures out of filmgoer’s memories

“Are you sick of crappy CG monsters? How about CG blood and CG animals? I’m trying to make a kickass monster movie like The Thing. Something scary and exciting with atmosphere and mystery that will hook you from the very beginning”.
“I just want to make something incredible that people will love. Something with a great story and great characters that will blow people away. An independent feature film done right and made for the right reasons because I love movies and I want to make a truly amazing one”.

This is the third feature film that Dough Roos has written and directed. He has over 70 producer credits ( with his first feature The Sky Has Fallen, which won Best Horror Feature at the Indie Gathering Film Festival as well as Best Feature at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival and Best Practical FX at the Phantasmagorical Film Festival plus many other wins and nominations.

What makes this film unique from other horror films? Well, Roos has this to say:

“The story is told out-of-order like Memento, Following, Pulp Fiction, etc. which hasn’t really been done much with horror, especially a monster movie plus it’s set in Tokyo (and really filmed in Tokyo, not a freakin’ green screen) and it’s full of surprises but don’t worry, they’re the kind you’ll love”.

So with this being a practical effect movie, does this mean it’ll be an all-out gorefest with bucket loads of blood? Not according to Roos

“Definitely not. While there is a lot of blood and practical FX in this, I think this genre works best when you actually care about the characters. I love John Carpenter’s The Thing and Aliens not just because of the phenomenal practical FX but because of the unforgettable characters like MacReady, Childs, Blair, Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, etc. I said the same thing before when crowdfunding my first feature, but it’s absolutely true and it bears repeating. Atmosphere and suspense are more important than gore any day”.

If BAKEMONO sounds like your type of film, you’re in luck. It’s still possible to back the campaign and get the same perks offers that other backers receive. The film won’t premiere until this summer so there is still time to get your name in the credits. 
Roos has this message on the Indiegogo Campaign page
“Please feel free to message me at or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions.”

Here is a teaser trailer for Bakemono

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