SRS Cinema (Home Of Underground Movies) Sale On Now

For those looking for something a little different than your typical Hollywood film, check out SRS Cinema’s sales on many of their catalog. SRS Cinema LLC is among the leaders in ultra-low budget indie film distribution, having evolved to its current form from its roots as “Salt City Home Video” in 1992 and “Sub Rosa Studios LLC”. SRS Cinema has also produced over three dozen feature films (and counting). Some of the most recent titles include Super Legend God Hikoza, Dragon Lizard Lord Super Monsters, and Space Monster Wangmagwi.

There are many different genres of films which include horror, martial arts, action, and comedy.
Below are just a few selections that pique our interest.

Space Monster Wangmagwi (South Korean Kaiju film from 1967) Blu-Ray $24.95 or with poster $29.95

Howl from Beyond the Fog (35 min short film) Bluray 2nd Printing $24.95

Uktena: The horned monstrosity (Inspired by the Kaiju/Big Monster movies of the 50s/60s! Suitmation monster acting at its best). Blu-Ray $19.95

War of the God Monsters Aka “The Flying Monster/ 비천괴수(bicheongoesu)” (Lost Korean Kaiju Film) Blu-Ray $34.95

There are many, many other obscure films to choose from and there’s something for everyone’s taste over at SRS Cinema.


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