Megaton Sword Answers Some Of Our Burning Questions About The New Album MIGHT & POWER

By Chris Hammond

Switzerland is home to the monumental metal Megaton Sword. Their new album MIGHT & POWER is out now (here is the review of the album). So I decided to try and track down these busy dudes to ask them a few questions about the album. Luckily, Simon the Sorcerer (Bass) was busy hunting dragons and frost giants. When I call out to him a small white-furred man pops out from behind a tree and Simon yells out “It’s okay Barbegazi, he’s a friend to us”. Simon quickly chases off the dragon with a mythical spell and yells out “That will keep them at bay for 10 minutes”. So I gather my wits and get my notebook reading to scroll down the answers to my questions.
Below is that interview, it should be noted no dragons or frost giants were hurt during the interview.

The new album Might and Power really fills a musical void in the landscape of Heavy Metal,
How did this album take shape and are you a band that likes to not be pigeon-holed into one
genre of music?

“Thank you so much for this compliment.
This album was created like the previous ones. I write the riffs and then present the almost-finished songs to the other guys. The two guitarists develop the melodies and solos and Uzzy
Unchained is responsible for the lyrics and vocal lines. Together we work on the details in the
rehearsal room until each song feels complete.

During my writing process, it is important to
me not to repeat myself within an album and to bring in as much variety as possible.
I don’t have a problem with being pigeonholed into a certain genre of music. I mean, the
intention was to create an epic heavy metal band based on Manowar and other similar bands.
And I even think that people need these genre labels to be able to grasp and classify a band.
But we are real music nerds and get inspired by anything between rock and extreme metal,
which then partly flows into the songwriting. We are pretty blinker-free and don’t want to
limit ourselves too much as long as it doesn’t completely deviate from what Megaton Sword
has defined so far”.

The band feels like one well-oiled machine, the sound is impressive, Does the band all have
input on the tracks on the album?

“Our specification to the producer was that the album should sound a bit more natural and
differentiated than “Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire”. In addition, not too modern but also
not old-fashioned by hook or by crook. I think he did a fantastic job”.

The tracks on the album flow fluidly into the next without feeling forced. The album also
explores a few ballad-type
songs one being “Babel Eternal”. Is this a natural progression of the
band’s sound? and how did this song come to be?

“Yes, the album flow is immensely important to me and I spend hours thinking about what the
most ideal song order is. And I can tell you that I’m still super happy with the order as it is
now on the album
I just felt like writing a piano ballad. Also because I wanted to prove to myself that I can do
that. If I can remember correctly, I developed the initial melody on the guitar and then
converted it into a piano track. In “Guitar Pro” of course, because I can’t play piano at all. In
the meantime,
I had the feeling that it might get too cheesy but when I heard Uzzy’s vocals for
the first time it blew me away. This song is definitely a personal musical development on my
part, but in the band context, I would call it a successful experiment. There probably won’t be
a comparable song on the next album. But never say never…

The music and lyrics on this album really help to paint a visual picture in the listener’s mind.
Was this a clear intention from the band?

‘Yes, I think so. On the one hand, the lyrics and the whole concept around the fictional world
of Niralet contribute to it. But I think even more the devotional and expressive vocals
contribute to it. Some vocal lines sound quite over the top, then there are what I would call “storyteller parts”. All delivered in a highly emotional manner. Uzzy doesn’t just sing it, he
really lives it, and I think you can hear that”.

When can we expect a video from the band? and is there anything you guys would like to

“Actually we wanted to make a video for a song this time, but we just didn’t find the time. I
hope we can really do that with the next album, at least that’s pretty high on the to-do list.
Thanks for having us and supporting Megaton Sword”.

A big thank you to the band and Simon the Sorcerer for the interview and casting a spell to warp me home within minutes of the interview.

Catch the band out on tour this April/May with the band VENATOR on the “Echoes From Niralet” tour.
Don’t forget to also support the band by picking up the new album MIGHT & POWER

28.04. Wien – Escape Metal Corner

29.04. Linz – Kapu

30.04. Nürnberg – Golden Nugget

01.05. Pisek – Divadlo Pod Carou

02.05. Weimar – Gerber

03.05. Kassel – Goldgrube…/53904-tickets…

04.05. Dresden – Chemiefabrik…/venator-megaton-sword-sintage…/

05.05. Stuttgart – Schwarzer Keiler

06.05. Luzern – Sedel…/starlett-stock-hard-n-heavy…

Album available here

Megaton Sword
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