Splatterhouse: Original Video Game Soundtrack Lp [Spacelab9 Exclusive Variants]

Fans of the button mashing horror arcade from the late 80’s early 90’s can rejoice. SPACELAB9 in conjunction with Bandai Namco cordially invite you to relive the 1988 classic horror video game. Audibly re-trace the gore-drenched footsteps of Rick in his Terror Mask as he hacks his way through the dungeon and the West Mansion grounds, killing hordes of pus and guts-oozing creatures!

This original arcade soundtrack album features the earliest published work from composers Katsuro Tajima and Yoshinori Kawamoto (Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Star Fox Assault).

The package includes a gatefold jacket with artwork by Shagrat. There are also liner notes by Rob Strangman (West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage) plus original Japanese arcade flyer art, sprites and other rare and historical horrors from the cult classic game!

That’s not all, the release also includes 9-inch x 11-inch double-sided Halloween Decoration with custom artwork by Shagrat, available exclusively from SPACELAB9.

Below is the tracklisting for the album

Available in two different variants


1. Demo (0:22) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
2. Opening (1:43) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
3. Dungeon (Stage 1) (1:49) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
4. Body Eater I (Battle) (0:32) (Katsuro Tajima)
5. Body Eater I (Clear) (0:10) (Katsuro Tajima)
6. Eye-catch 1 (0:07) (Katsuro Tajima)
7. Torture Chamber (Stage 2) (0:40) (Katsuro Tajima)
8. Sewage Line (1:07) (Katsuro Tajima)
9. Poltergeist (First Part) (0:46) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
10. Poltergeist (Early Middle Part) (0:45) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
11. Poltergeist (Mid-Middle Part) (0:45) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
12. Poltergeist (Later Middle Part) (0:45) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
13. Poltergeist (Last Part) (1:34) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
14. Poltergeist (Clear) (0:09) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
15. Eye-catch 2 (0:05) (Katsuro Tajima)
16. Forest (Stage 3) (1:30) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
17. Piggyman (0:38) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
18. Eye-catch 3 (0:06) (Katsuro Tajima)
19. Chamber of Rotary Blade (0:45) (Katsuro Tajima)
20. Body Eater II (0:45) (Katsuro Tajima)

21. Mirror Room (0:45) (Katsuro Tajima)
22. Mirror Rick (1:07) (Katsuro Tajima)
23. Evil Cross & Nightmares (Stage 4) (1:20) (Katsuro Tajima)
24. Hymn (0:25) (Katsuro Tajima)
25. Jennifer’s Scream (Jingle at back of the chapel) (0:09) (Katsuro Tajima)
26. Eye-catch 4 (0:06) (Katsuro Tajima)
27. Masterdead (Stage 5) (2:22) (Katsuro Tajima)
28. Jennifer (Reunion) (0:16) (Katsuro Tajima)
29. Jennifer (Mutate) (0:10) (NBGI) 0:10
30. Jennifer (Battle) (1:52) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
31. Jennifer (Bereavement) (0:27) (Katsuro Tajima)
32. Continue (1:05) (Katsuro Tajima)
33. Cave of Womb (Stage 6) (2:37) (Katsuro Tajima)
34. Mother (0:45) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
35. Mother (Heartbeat) (0:22) (Katsuro Tajima)
36. Forest in Flames (Stage 7) (1:41) (Yoshinori Kawamoto)
37. Hell-Chaos (2:53) (Katsuro Tajima)
38. Hell-Chaos (Death) (0:19) (NBGI)
39. Ending (2:14) (Katsuro Tajima)
40. Name Entry (0:54) (Katsuro Tajima)

Both versions of the vinyl album sell for $34.99 US (49 CDN) individually. Look for these to ship in August of this year.


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