EC Comics “Tales from the Crypt” Masterpiece Ornament Set

Artist Doug P’gosh, and avid fanatic of EC Comics captures the classic horror hosts in every way, right down to wrinkles & warts. These distinct collectibles are designed with incredibly detailed, fully hand painted & finished with full color decals making each character really come to life. The set of three are packaged in a to-die for collector’s edition box from Retro-a-go-go.

Each set includes The Vault Keeper, The Old Witch & The Crypt Keeper Officially licensed EC Comics Masterpiece Ornaments. The trio of horror host ornaments tell a small portion of the EC story that has kept the notorious tales in print, almost continuously, since their first publication in the 1950’s.

The content of each resin Tales from the Crypt Masterpiece Ornament Set:

The Vault Keeper: Styled after the work of artist Johnny Craig, this green cloaked Ghoulunatic is using a bewitched paintbrush to create the art for one of the infamous EC holiday comic covers.

The Old Witch: The Old Witch is sculpted after the work of artist “Ghastly” Graham Ingels. Reading from a bound volume that represents the many published collections of EC Comics over the years that have kept the stories alive for generations of readers.

The Crypt Keeper: Sculpted to suggest the work of artist Jack Davis, The Crypt Keeper clutches a prized collection of Tales from the Crypt. Are they original or reprints? He won’t tell.

Display your Ghoulunatics all year long, as each Horror Host comes with its very own carefully crafted magnetic monument style base. Each one measures approx. 5″ tall.

Pre-order now and get a special price! at Amok Times for $ 99.99 (Regular price $129.99).

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