Megaton Sword Gets Epic With New Album MIGHT & POWER (2023)

By Chris Hammond Review
Copy of album: Streaming website Deezer

1.The Raving Light of Day 05:05
2.Iron Plains 05:53
3.Power 04:30
4.Cowards Remain 04:15
5.Raikaszi 04:40
6.All Wicked Schemes Unite 05:00
7.Might 04:28
8.Babe Eternal 05:26

With a name like Megaton Sword, it’s best you be able to create “epic” music. Hailing from Winterthur, Switzerland, I’m happy to say the band releases some of this century’s most “epic” heavy metal. Wielding metal music as their weapon of choice, Simon the Sorcerer (Bass), Dan Thundersteel (Drums), Chris the Axe (Guitars), Uzzy Unchained (Vocals) and Seth Angel (Guitars) don’t disappoint on MIGHT & POWER.

The band has a more polished sound this time; although the “Epic” sound is there, it also has many musical layers. There is a defiant nod toward NWOBHM and Eighties heavy metal concept albums.

Uzzy Unchained shows both a growling intense vocal style and at points adds a softer, more melodic style to songs like Raikaszi and Babe Eternal. This is quite an asset for these sword-smashing grunts. Guitars are also on the order of the day with crushing chorus, solo, and even acoustic guitar works by Seth Angel and Chris the Axe. Songs like Might, Iron Plains and Power all showcase some wick and saucy string work. The Raving Light of Day belongs to Drummer Dan Thundersteel and Bass Simon the Sorcerer.

Megaton Sword isn’t just a gimmick act. These guys have a cohesive spider’s web of talent, interesting lyrics and heavy metal that is perfect for any occasion. This is definitely one of the best banger metal albums of the last ten years and a band that lives up to the name Megaton Sword!

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