UNSEEN Is A fast-Paced Thriller With A Dash Of Dark Humour

By: Chris Hammond

Writers : Salvatore Cardoni & Brian Rawlins

Director: Yoko Okumura

Starring: Midori Francis, Jolene Purdy, Missi Pyle, Michael Patrick Lane

Distributors:  Paramount Home Entertainment, MGM+

Run Time: 76 minutes

UNSEEN stars Jolene Purdy as Sam, a gas station clerk who’s life is less than perfect. One day while working a shift she receives a call from Emily (Midori Francis). Emily is on the run in the woods from her ex-boyfriend. There’s one big issue that Emily needs help with, she’s lost her glasses while escaping and can’t see much of anything without them. These two strangers come together (with Sam being her eyes using video call on their phones).

UNSEEN is a solid film with very interesting twist on the cat and mouse survival genre. Director Yoko Okumura creates many avenues of anxiety with tension side by side split screen shots of both leads on their phones. Although the story takes place miles apart from each character, the distance feels null. Both strangers before the fateful wrong number, Sam (Purdy) and Emily (Francis) soon find out that “friendships” can occur at anytime.

Okumura makes sure to include some dark humour throughout with the comedic talents of Missi Pyle as a narcissistic, rude customer Carol. Pyle is nasty, but in a fun way (at least for the audience) to Sam. The third act has some dark yet, very satisfying scenes which I wish I could say only happen in movies, but sadly these scenes feel to turn to life especially in present day.

UNSEEN is a fresh thriller with loads of anxiety inducing tension. Films that use modern technological advances come and go, but the on screen relationship with Purdy and Francis is special and fully believable. Each character evolves throughout the second and third act leaving them both stronger and better off. This isn’t just good directing or writing, it’s also exceptional acting also. This is a film that hits all the right chords, especially with the pacing. 76 minutes, flew by and left me wanting to see more from the team up of Sam (Jolene Purdy), Emily (Midori Francis).

Release Date:
On Digital and On Demand – March 7, 2023
On MGM+ : May 2023

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