THE WHAT! Kickstarter Campaign From Schaffer Studios Is Live Now!

THE WHAT! is an homage film to the “giant monster” movies of the 1950’s


Fall clouds take turns hiding the moon. The night air is crisp. Faint, distorted sounds of fun and excitement drift on the breeze from the carnival below. Other than that, all is quiet—too quiet.

The two friends sit in wait on the tractor, protected only by one, meager scarecrow. The dark of the night made even darker by the cover of the grove. The farmers listen, their eyes reaching into the shadows, their weapons poised.

They know it’s out there, and that’s what scares them. No one in their right mind would put themselves in this situation, but these men realize that the survival of all mankind is at stake and that they are the only ones who can save them.

Something moves across the ground. Hank hops down to have a look about. It’s the wind, moving the grass. He turns and shrugs to his buddy who nods in return. Claws quickly emerge from the darkness and grab the farmer, ripping him clear from his seat on the heavy, steel machine. Hank shouts and shoulders his axe as his friend is carried away by “the What”.


This is an excerpt from the movie called “the WHAT!”


This really is something unique that may only happen this one time. All involved with this independent feature film are reputable working industry professionals who have been making films their entire careers. A small but mighty team.

Schaffer Studios argues that great films should not be limited by insufficient funds. Their formula starts with original, smart, fun, meaningful stories told visually through dynamic directing, well thought out camerawork and powerful production design. Post production then wraps things up with an artistic, storytelling approach to editing, phenomenal original soundtracks and the best, jaw dropping, professional visual FX offered by both practical and digital mediums.

The What” is the first of many and has been chosen because of its great audience appeal and potential for fandom across the globe, while keeping their vision of superb stories with industry artistic & technical standards, done with an independent approach and enthusiasm. 

Your help and support will be eternally appreciated.

Check the campaign page out here to see what pledge tiers will get you!

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