Burning Leather – New World Order (2023)

Country: Italy
Genre: Speed, Thrash Metal
Year: 2023

01. Nothing But True (04:39)
02. New World Order (04:32)
03. Blitzkrieg (03:53)
04. Secret Area (04:29)
05. A Dead World (04:41)
06. Poisonous Love (04:51)
07. Dawn of the Mecha Millennium (01:58)
08. Sinister Spell (03:24)
Run time 32:29

The band consists of
Mario Spano -Lead Guitar And Vocals

Alessandro Muntoni -Lead Guitar

Daniele Muntoni -Bass Guitar

Daniele Murru -Drums

By Chris Hammond

Burning Leather is a Thrash/Speed Metal band born in Olbia, Sardinia. Burning Leather sets out to bring high quality old school thrash metal back. The band is inspired by classic bands like Megadeth and Metallica, but they bring their own style to their music.

Burning Leather starts off 2023 with some metal thrashing mad songs on their new album New World Order. The lead off song “Nothing But True” really shows that the band knows old school thrash. It screams early Metallica, even incorporating early Hetfield growls. The other thing that really stands out is even though there is a obvious Metallica sound, it really isn’t at all. Burning Leather put together a collection of eight songs that are impressive in this time of overproduction in the music industry. The sound is raw and real.

The sound on songs like “New World Order”, “Blitzkrieg” and “A Dead World” mesh fast tempos and blistering guitar playing with Mustaine-ish vocals. The drumming by Murru is outstanding and really gets the spotlight on the song “Dawn Of The Mecha Mellennium”.

The final song on the album “Sinister Spell” feels more modern and may be a song that defines Burning Leather as a band. Sure, it still feels very Megadeth, but vocals aside the band sounds different here from the rest of the album. Musically it spotlights a merging of the old/new thrash while giving the band its own identity.

Burning Leather’ New World Order is a fun listen, especially for fans of older thrash. There’s tons of great lyrics and music here. These musicians are talented and love metal. I do wish though that moving forward they go in the direction of their own sound a little more often. That being said, I’d put this up there with Kill Em All and Killing Is My Business.

Look for Burning Leather’s New World Order album out now on Bandcamp’s website & follow the band on Instagram.

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