New Character Posters For Shelley Duvall Werewolf Film THE FOREST HILLS!

We have a couple of new character posters for the new werewolf horror film, THE FOREST HILLS! The film has been getting a lot of media coverage over the past couple of months with the return of Shelley Duvall to acting. The film also stars Edward Furlong, Dee Wallace, Felissa Rose, Stacey Nelkin, and more. Take a look down below.

From The Crowdfunding Campaign:

Hello all, I hope you don’t mind the e-mail as we’ve been in contact in some form or another over the years. For those interested in filmmaking, or horror/thriller movies, we have an interesting and cool horror project that might interest you or anyone else you can think of. THE FOREST HILLS has been getting tons of press worldwide due to Shelley Duvall’s return to cinema. We are also happy to announce the resurgence of Edward Furlong (John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day), and the film also features Dee Wallace, Felissa Rose, Marianne Hagan, Stacey Nelkin, and more.

We have set up a campaign and video/photos showcasing what we have and why we are looking for donations in exchange for some cool perks that have to do with the film and those involved. The funds are to help with post-production costs, advertising, what is called deliverables, theater rentals for screenings, etc.

Feel free to take a look, and if you see something that interests you, feel free to donate, and/or if able to help share the link, that would be greatly appreciated. Check out the newly released character posters for Shelley Duvall, Edward Furlong and Chiko Mendez!:

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