Official Trailer – THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY!

Samuel Goldwyn Films and Third Day Productions have released the official trailer for their upcoming horror/sci-fi film THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY! The film will be in select theaters beginning on January 13, 2023. Take a look at the trailer along with more info about the film down below.

From The Press Release



In Theaters January 13, 2023

Watch the Official Trailer HERE

A powerful biotech company has breakthrough technology allowing them to clone history’s most influential people with just a few fragments of DNA. Behind this company is a cabal of Satanists that steals the shroud of Christ, putting them in possession of Jesus’ DNA. The clone will serve as the ultimate offering to the devil. The Archangel Michael comes to earth and will stop at nothing to end the devil’s conspiracy.

Directed by: Nathan Frankowski

Written and Produced by: Ed Alan

Executive Produced by: Kevan Van Thompson, Vaclav Mottl, Michael Emerson, and Mike Sears

Cast: Alice Orr-Ewing, Joe Doyle, Eveline Hall, Peter Mensah, Joe Anderson, James Faulkner, and Brian Caspe

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Rating: R (for strong violent content, some gore and language) 

Runtime: 111 mins 

Theatrical Distributor: Third Day Productions


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