Xentrix- “Seven Words” Is A Thrashing Good Time

1.Behind The Walls Of Treachery 06:05
2.Seven Words 03:56
3.Spit Coin 04:11
4.The Alter of Nothing04:00
5.Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead05:09
6.Reckless With A Smile04:09
7.Ghost Tape Number 10 04:23
8.My War04:38
9.Kill And Protect04:55
10.Anything But The Truth05:19

Current line-up
Jay Walsh – rhythm guitar, vocals (2017–present)
Kristian Havard – lead guitars (1988–1997, 2005–2006, 2013–present)
Chris Shires – bass (2013–present)
Dennis Gasser – drums (1988–1997, 2005–2006, 2013–present)

Studio albums
Shattered Existence (1989)
For Whose Advantage? (1990)
Kin (1992)
Scourge (1996)
Bury the Pain (2019)
Seven Words (2022)

By Chris Hammond

Xentrix was called Sweet Vengeance from 1984 to 1988. The band attracted attention with a five-star rating from Kerrang! magazine and Roadrunner Records then contacted the band asking them why they had not been sent a copy, and arranged an audition with the band. After the audition, the band was signed to the label and recorded their first album Shattered Existence in the summer of 1989. The band toured with Sabbat in support of the album.

In 1990, the band faced a small bit of controversy/publicity surrounding the release of their cover of Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” theme, in which the original artwork for the single had an unauthorized use of the Ghostbusters logo (with the ghost flicking a V Sign). The single was subsequently re-released using a different cover.

In 1992, the band decided to take a different direction with their album Kin, adopting a more progressive power metal style with their music, which was considered by many to be the band’s biggest mistake. Despite the critical acclaim, a video for “The Order of Chaos” was shot and received some airplay on MTV, and to promote the album, Xentrix went on tour with Tankard.

In a June 2019 interview with Metal Crypt, guitarist Kristian Havard revealed that Xentrix had already begun writing the follow-up to Bury the Pain. By March 2021, the band had written and demoed at least twelve songs for their new album, and announced that in August they were in the studio recording it. The album was completed in June 2022, and a month later, the band announced Seven Words as its album title and that it would be released on 11 November. In order to promote it, Xentrix (along with Whiplash and Artillery) will support Vio-lence on the European MTV Headbangers Ball Tour.

There’s no denying that Xentrix deserves acknowledgement for the many years they’ve delivered Thrashing good albums. Their latest release Seven Words is a collection of strong straightforward thrash songs. Seven Words incorporates lyrics that reflect the world of the last couple of years. Frustration, angst, questions. The crunchy cohesiveness of the music and lyrics make sure the band is progressing, not degenerating with age.

There’s a grittiness that harkens back to the early nineties with bands like Sepultura and Overkill. The best feeling is when an album feels timeless, no matter when it is released. This is the case with Seven Words.

The lead-off track “Behind the walls of Treachery” really sets the groundwork for the rest of the tracks on the album. Fast, furious and thought-provoking lyrics only complement the music within. Sure there are crispy guitar solos that please, but they aren’t the only thing worth listening for. Drum work by Dennis Gasser and blistering Bass by Chris Shires prove that the band isn’t a one-trick pony.

Songs like “Seven Words” and “Spit Coin” are viciously appealing. They are full of unforgiving riffs and lyrics like (Seven Words) –

Another system released
Unrolled, controlled unpoliced
The latest mess incomplete
Wait the next move, all is pointless
Another system untied
Devolved, annulled and defied
These words a lasting goodbye
It’s not for me, it’s not for me

Some of the songs have a weaker selection of lyrics and become very repetitive, That and the basic construction of some of the weaker songs on the album become forgettable (Kill and Protect, My War).

Overall, Seven Words is a solid release from a band that has been around for decades. Musically the album is on point. The lyrical content is meaningful but sometimes gets repetitive throughout a few songs. Xentrix‘s Seven Words has great replay value and is worth a purchase. They have also a cover of Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies only available on the CD release only.

Recorded in the UK at Backstage studios in Derbyshire and Viscon studios in Lancashire, the album was mixed & mastered by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Exodus, Megadeth) and returning to create the cover artwork was Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Corpsegrinder, Alestorm).

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