Disturbed – Divisive (2022) Reprise Records

1. ‘Hey You 4:28
2. ‘Bad Man 3:22
3. ‘Divisive 3:58
4. ‘Unstoppable 3:58
5. ‘Love to Hate 3:36
6. ‘Feeding the Fire 4:19
7. ‘Don’t Tell Me (featuring Ann Wilson) 4:31
8. ‘Take Back Your Life 2:58
9. ‘Part of Me 3:53
10. ‘Won’t Back Down

David Draiman and the gang return for their eighth studio album DIVISIVE. This is the follow-up to 2018’s “Evolution” release. Call it what you will, heavy metal or hard rock Disturbed has a formula that works. Draiman has shifted vocal styles a little over the years and it only elevates the band’s sound. The old wha-ah-ah bombastic style pops up here and there but for the most part, it is straight-ahead emotion.

The lead-off single “Hey You” mixes elements of Industrial and Nu-Metal. The band is like a computer that is self-aware of its sound and doesn’t stray too far away from it.

The song “Bad Man” has a political tinge but doesn’t go as far as naming who the song is about.

Draiman shows his solid vocals on “Don’t Tell Me” accompanied by Anne Wilson (Heart). This is the most memorable and divisive song on the album. It is a ballad and will get the most plays on radio stations. Does this mean hardcore Disturbed fans will love it, who knows? One thing is for sure, dueting with an icon like Anne Wilson won’t hurt your brand and will bring in new fans.

Other stand-out songs include Unstoppable, Take Back Your Life and Love To Hate. The rest of the album is standard Disturbed material (this is not a bad thing).

Many of the lyrics on Divisive sure sound like they describe the landscape of the world over the last couple of years. This coupled with the heavy/complex rock sound makes this another solid release for the band.

Get lost in the sounds and lyrics of Disturbed, this November 18, 2022


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