FEED ME You Have To See This To Believe It!


ON DIGITAL AND ON DEMAND: October 27, 2022

DIRECTORS: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes

WRITERS: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes

CAST: Christopher Mulvin, Neal Ward, Hannah Al Rashid, Samantha Loxley

SYNOPSIS: Following the death of his wife a broken man spirals into an abyss of night tremors and depression and finds himself in the home of a deranged cannibal who convinces him to take his own life in the most horrific way imaginable.

RUN TIME: 96 minutes

RATING: Not Rated

GENRE: Horror


By: Chris Hammond

How do you define a movie without a definition? FEED ME is one of those rare movies where you must see it to believe it. The film is somewhat based on a true story from Germany. Armin Meiwes is also known as the “Rotenburg Cannibal”. He killed and ate a willing victim Bernd Brandes in 2001.

The film follows Jed Freeman (Christopher Mulvin) who spirals out of control after the death of his wife. Broken Freeman descends into a world of depression and night terrors. One night in a pub he crosses paths with Lionel Flack (Neal Ward). After talking for some time Flack offers a way out of the pain to Freeman. His offer is to let me eat you, which is shocking enough, but Freeman agrees.

First off, Neal Ward’s portrayal of Flack is out-of-this-world bonkers. It took me half the movie to figure out it wasn’t Jason Sudeikis doing an impersonation of Ted Lasso. Ward outshines everyone in scenes with him. Viewers’ eyes and ears hang on to everything he does. The crazier he gets the more impressed I am by this man’s actions. At one point he even cradles a freshly severed leg like a newborn baby.

FEED ME isn’t a film for everyone, it’s gory and often very disturbing. The acting by all involved is top-notch. There is an underlying feeling of dark humour, but then it shifts back to horror.

Hats off to writers and directors Adam Leader, and Richard Oakes. They took the unbelievable source material and crafted an even crazier story.

FEED ME is a cannibalistic cornucopia of the dark and dungy world of Lionel Flack. The movie checks every bonkers and unbelievable box horror fans want.

ON DIGITAL AND ON DEMAND:  October 27, 2022

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